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The question....."How do I find a Harley date"? In the beginning their was a one and only website for bikers ( And when I say BIKERS, I mean Harley riders. And when I say Harley riders, I DON'T MEAN instant bikers or RUB's. The Harley site grew quite quickly and with that Harley Davidson Corporate had a major issue with the use of their name. We made a quick change to the domain name of BikerDate, YES, BikerDate. grew quickly but the partners did not. The president of BikerDate sold out and left to create BikerMatchmaking. is now the largest Biker dating site with the most Hardcore Bikers in their database.

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Today, there is two major problems with biker dating websites........BikerKiss. Biker Kiss is owned by Successful Match (similar to a They saw years ago with the success of our biker dating site a need to jump into this growing market. They created a website called BikerKiss and took approximately 100,000 personal ads from their successful match data base. These personal ads are just regular people.....they're not "Bikers". Have you ever heard the phrase "Fake it till you make it"? You were not allowed to fully view their personal ads until you placed a personal ad. Then when you viewed the so called biker personals you realized this is bogus! But bikers continued placing ads. Today, BikerMatchmaking STILL has the largest concentrated database of Hardcore Bikers who are Harley Riders! Don't Be Fooled!

The second problem with Harley dating sites is the fact that BikerKiss flooded the world wide web with BikerKiss knock offs......meaning, you will find many Harley or Biker dating sites with unique names BUT they all read the same data base from Biker Kiss. BikerMatchmaking is run by BIKERS not RUB's not instant Bikers......their isn't metric rider among us and we all ratchet our rides!

We wish all that truly live the biker creed peace, balance, and freedom! And safe "burn outs" till death!

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